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What a day. It has been ridiculous.

I read this post about Apple and really enjoyed it. I agree with it and I think most people have known this intuitively for years when dealing with and purchasing Apple products. It's a really easy, pleasant shopping experience.

The reason it resonated for me so much is because I immediately thought of Ikea. Ikea has caused me to cry at least three times that I can remember and likely more that I have mentally blocked out.

The choice is just too much. It requires a real mental preparation and thought process to be able to accomplish a goal there. My mindset is always full day and well thought out, never "oh, I'll just run in." I think I'm smart about it. There's planning and bringing someone strong to lift things and checking measurements and bringing my own measuring tape. Get up early, make a good breakfast at home, something with eggs and bacon and toast and probably want to grab a bottled water or a starbucks iced tea for some caffeine, you'll need it. Plan on shopping early. It will take many hours, allot plenty of time. Plan to eat lunch somewhere around, but not too close to the Ikea. Drive home and have your strong person start assembling. You'll need to buy them dinner because they'll most likely hate you by the time it's done.

My plan is solid and I always feel like I am mentally prepared for it. I even often shop on the website prior to venturing out and remind myself that this is going to be a lengthy process. But often I get there and do my best but just can't deal with it. I end up exhausted and frustrated because things are out of stock, discontinued or impossible to find. More than once I've loaded my cart up only to leave it abandoned somewhere on the first floor warehouse area while traumatized.

I think that a similar shopping mindset happens online when people are buying big ticket items like laptops, furniture or electronics. Shoes and clothes are usually easy to return and being overwhelmed by choice isn't a huge issue because rarely is there a desperate need for those items. Whereas when shopping for a computer, you really, really need it and it is important to you, often something you'll use every day until it dies. More than once I've seen people just get upset and close the browser saying, "you know, I'll just deal with this later." Even when they really, really need a machine and have plenty of cash to spend.

Apple shopping isn't like that in my experience. It's fun! You choose your couple of options and then you're done. It's even enjoyable to check out the different things they have in their stores or online. It isn't overwhelming, there aren't that many choices to make. But try going into a Best Buy with only vague requirements and basic needs. You're at the mercy of what the nerd herd is going to recommend.

People like choice, but they hate too much choice.