Cotton Candy Explosion! (girlvinyl) wrote,
Cotton Candy Explosion!

Aghghghgh. I super love later Woody Allen. Match Point is one of my favorite movies ever. Vicky Christina Barcelona is fantastic. I love Annie Hall and Sleeper too, which I guess are more like "middle" rather than later. Anyway. This preview of the newest one looks perfect.

I can't wait to see this, it seems to have all the things I love in it. Owen Wilson and Michael Sheen under Woody Allen will probably be incredible and bring back some of that stuff I loved about Owen in all his Wes Anderson movies. Also, Michael Sheen. WHAT. How are you Tony Blair, the leader of the Voltouri, David Frost, Wesley (Liz's unfortunate "settle for" boyfriend) from 30 Rock AND this pedantic annoying intellectual in Midnight in Paris? Crazy. He also kind of looks like Hank Azaria with that beard.

Anyway, I am sure this will be amazing. Super excited!
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