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Went to see "A Dangerous Method" ( with AJT. But the marquee at the movie theatre didn't have room for the whole title so it said "DANGERMETHOD" in all caps like that. So of course he goes to the ticket counter and says, "two for DANGERMETHOD please". Hahaha. I lol'd.

I enjoyed it. But I thought there would be more sex. There wasn't much. It did definitely make me want to go to Switzerland. I was surprised at the bright, beautiful cinematography in a David Cronenberg movie. His stuff is usually so dark that you can't see much detail. I was also happy to see my lover Fassypants. I didn't get to catch Shame ( in the theater. Not sure that I'd really want to, honestly. That probably is not the best film to see in a theater setting, but I imagine their DVD and on-demand sales are going to be spectacular. Yes, so. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.